Celebrating HCI and UX Community in Indonesia through CHIuXiD 2015

By Christine Pheeney and Eunice Sari

CHI UX Indonesia held it’s inaugural CHIuXiD 2015, the ACM In-Coop International Conference on HCI and UX in Bandung, the city of flower on the 8-10 April 2015. More than 120 international participants and presenters represented from 10 countries gathered in the city that has hosted many great collaborations, including the Asia Africa conference which will be celebrate it’s 60th anniversary, later in April this year.

The CHI UX Indonesia community has achieved a lot since their first UX Indonesia-Malaysia 2014 meeting less than a year ago in April 2014. Not only was that first meeting a great skill building time, it also served as the launching pad for the now 6 branches formed across Indonesia in DKI Jakarta, Bandung, Depok, Yogyakarta, East Java and Banten with more than 200 members. This community is active with the branches already having held UX boot camps, workshops, seminars and conferences at their locations and openly welcome sister branches to come along and share in expertise offered and offering as well as networking.

Not only is this community active and growing, it has a very friendly and purposeful vibe. True to Indonesian form where most of the members are from, there is a very welcoming atmosphere. Blended with experiences of these members themselves, in international arenas, the community benefits from members of the global CHI community coming to learn together and make human computer interactions, great user experiences!

The theme “CONNECT” flowed nicely throughout the conference. The keynote from Margot Brereton from Queensland University of Technology, Australia on Designing within Networks of Relations for New Forms of Connection, Collaboration and Custodianship where she discussed about Internet of Things (IoTs) from the people’s perspective gave the other well dispersed keynotes their context. Henry Duh complimented Margot’s talk by discussing further the current technology implementation and trend of IoTs and how user experience plays its role around it. Elise van den Hoven from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia and Eindhoven University, Netherlands discussed how to connect people in the design process through Interaction Design, while Masaaki Kurosu from the Open University, Japan followed taught the audience some practical methods on how measure UX and Quality Characteristics.

Throughout the conference, the spirit of CONNECT is apparent through its various programs, such as participative sessions, industry talks, flazz work-in-progress presentations, three hands-on workshops and a demonstration. The inclusion of diverse fields and balance of industry and academic provided depth to foster innovation for the future HCI we are all working on. The diverse spectrum of topics, included: user experience in educational field both for teacher, lecturer and student – various levels and specific needs; along with HCI and UX tooling, evaluating and improving local infrastructures, commerce, healthcare, education and design. The paper presentations were as titled ‘participatory’ kept both presenters and participants alert and engaged in trying out apps and live app voting during sessions. In the words of our industry guest Skype presenter Hao Dinh, from GE Electronic USA, the ‘swarm was empowered’ and much ‘cross pollination’ spread in the mix of youth and experience! Adi Tedjasaputra from UX Indonesia from Indonesia/Australia facilitated Hao Dinh’s talk and contextualise it with the needs of the audience. Pradeep Singh from Netizen Testing Malaysia also represented the industry presented his views on the user experience for the Mobile E-Commerce Playbook.

A design challenge saw universities and students gather and submit entries “Interactive Design for Flood Management” developing an app prototype for local communities in responding to flood disasters. Their submissions provide the potential users connectivity, with a host of tools to volunteer, report, respond, find shelter, request help and activate emergency water gates. Well done to Bina Nusantara (BINUS) students and YARSI university students who went home with the first and second prizes respectively and UNPAR students with People’s Choice prize!

True to CHI form, two International conference proceedings were presented on a handy USB stick with the option also of colour print of the inaugural journals for ACM Digital Library and LIPI Publications, which followed a high standard of the established HCI international peer review process, facilitated by some online tools for submission, publication and registration. For the first time in the history, the ACM Digital Library has its exclusive publication on HCI and UX from Indonesia.

UNPAR as the Bandung partner brought their spirit of excellence to the event. The conference venue ‘H Clarity’ facilitated networking over some tasty local and international fare, including a notable ‘tom yum’ soup. At the Conference Networking dinner participants enjoyed engaging local musical Angklung performance, traditional dance and choir entertainment from local primary and university students, both colourfully and beautifully presenting many cultural heritages of the archipelago. Also in tune with the conference theme, participants connected with light hearted party style photo booths, name tag design and workshop activities. Lots of connections made between knowledge shared and new friendships. An event well done!

The CHIuXiD is a great community for mentoring and growth, enjoying cooperatively building both the community and user experience in Computer and Human Interactions. May all the members be active to continue in this spirit, and see CHIUXID continue to make great leaps in the coming years.

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